Neyla from The Lumineers has a solo album coming out!

Neyla from The Lumineers is working on a solo album called "Rattlesnake" and the concept is freaking amazing. Neyla, you rule. And I love the idea behind this album. I love musicians who pull from history to help inspire their art! Check out the details below. I believe the album should be out later this year!

Rattlesnake is based on a true story about a pioneer woman from Colorado during the mid-to-late-1920s. With her shotgun, horse, and toddler in tow, the single mother is confronted by a rattlesnake migration. Unable to run away, "Rattlesnake Kate" proceeds to shoot. Once out of ammunition, she extracts a "No Hunting" sign from the ground and clobbers the rest.

By the end of the massacre, Kate counts the entire knot (140 of them dead), proceeds to sling the carcasses over the back of her horse, and rides home with her son. Eventually, she turns the snake skins into a dress.

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