WATCH: Video Aims to End Hating on Eagles Fans

Major, major, insane amounts of props and respect to this young videographer. If you haven't seen this video yet, take a moment and watch. Now we all know Eagles fans get a bad rap (i get doesn't help when we post crazy videos...but that's just part of our funny Philly culture, so i won't deny that i've posted some hilarious *honest fun that didn't harm anyone* fan footage of my own)... but this country doesn't understand that Eagles fans are actually amazing and passionate and truly genuine people. Matt Conlin, a 23 year old out of Manayunk showed that off in this video below hoping to end the hating on Eagles Fans once and for all.

Via PhillyMag:

Conlin tried to capture “authentic” fans in his two-minute video, rather than “what everyone sees negatively portrayed in the media,” he said. “That was the biggest driving factor behind the video – giving a real look of what it means to tailgate.”

So he didn’t leave out any of the craziness he encountered during his time outside the Linc. “There are scenes of people drinking and being rowdy, but that’s an authentic Philadelphia fan,” he said. “People really stand behind the Eagles, and they stand behind the city.”

Now he’s spreading the video around social media with a hashtag – #EaglesRealFans – to try to paint our fans in a more flattering light. We think it just might work.

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