Keep Your Pets Safe During Cold Weather!

Here are some great tips for dog owners from The Joplin Globe:

If your dogs have to be outside, or if they want to go outside temporarily for walks or bathroom breaks, some common sense is needed, Bigger dogs with thicker coats, like Labrador mixes or huskies, will likely be OK in the cold.While you might want to ensure that your little Chihuahua is all set to be completely indoors. For outdoors dogs, refrain from providing them with a "Taj Mahal" doghouse — in other words, bigger isn't necessarily better. It really should only be big enough for them to stand up, turn around and lie down. Barrels of hay are very helpful to keep them warm in dog houses if they must be outside.

With 'brutal' cold weather coming, prepare now for pets' warmth, safety. The most important thing to do for outdoor dogs is to allow them to hide from the wind chill. They can handle the cold, but you need to give them a place to get out of the wind.

Check out some full safety tips HERE via The Joplin Globe

And if you see anything suspicious, i.e. dogs outside for WAY TOO long... contact ACCT Philly at 267-385-3800

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