Lay's Made The Perfect Chips For Football Fans!

With the playoffs starting this weekend and the Super Bowl coming, this is the perfect snack to have for football fans, with Lay's Golden Grounds!

Lay's took dirt from all of the NFL stadiums and, mixing it in the fields, grew potatoes to make chips for each team. They said they even kept the rival teams separated in the fields, thank you very much.

If you want a bag of the Golden Grounds, though, you have to win them, and there are a few steps to do. Follow Lays on Twitter and then, after submitting proof of your fandom with photos or a video, use #LaysGoldenGrounds, #Sweepstakes and their official hashtags for your team. Click here for the official rules and all of the hashtags.

And check out the video of how the chips are made. Very cool idea, Lay's!

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