Gen Z Doesn't Give Two Weeks Notice

Gen Z is supposedly in favor of quitting on the spot rather than the traditional two weeks' notice to their boss. If TikTok is to be believed, anyway. And that app is where a solid 52% of my friends get their therapy so it's probs legit.

But idk I'm kinda into the just-quitting thing*. Your boss doesn't have to give you 2 weeks notice before he tells you he's stopping your income. "We wish you luck in your future endeavors, hope you don't starve, bye." But like if you quit... it's annoying for a couple months until they replace you. So like... live your life. Give your notice if you care to stay in your profession and want to move up. Don't if you hate your job anyway. There's your unsolicited advice, the toke was potent tonight.

*for employment purposes, this is a joke. I would never do this. Also, I would never quit. We're family.

Don't fire me.

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