Shock. Awe. Kim Kardashian is Dating Pete Davidson or Whatever.

Let me be clear: I hope Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are having an absolute blast together. Both of them have been either incredibly lucky or unlucky in love, depending on how you look at it, and I want good things for both people.

But like... This is not surprising. And it's weird that there's still this weird, like, puritanical thing going on where celebrities have to be hush hush about who they're banging. Then a photo surfaces of them holding hands and it's like, "no, no they're just friends."

*insert eyeroll here*

And hey! I get everyone also deserves privacy and maybe they just don't want people all up in their business. That's a fair point, my hypothetical guy, and that's why it's kind of on us.

We gotta get over sex. Everyone and their mom is doing it. Literally. (I said, "and" not, "with." Don't be a grammar creep.)

It's fun af to gossip. We're not kidding ourselves. But at some point, when do we ask ourselves WHY it's gossip worthy?

Right now. Great news, I have the answer to my own question. I know, I'm a genius.

It's cuz we still think women having and enjoying sex is at least somewhat scandalous. We're getting past revenge porn. But we still have so far to go with accepting that women do, in fact, also enjoy following their own biological urges.

This is groundbreaking news.

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