The Way Vanessa Bryant is Being Treated is Gross

Look, I'm not a lawyer. I'm not a journalist. I'm just a chick with an opinion and a keyboard. And from the outside looking in, the way the justice system is handling cases like Vanessa Bryant's is gross.

To catch you up, basically she's enraged that the county's sheriff and fire department released photos of the remains of her husband and child without her permission. That's over-simplifying but you get the idea.

Because of course she's enraged. Of course she's upset. If you found out the people who are theoretically supposed to be helping you in the most devastating time in your life were sharing pictures amongst themselves of YOUR family member's remains, as if they were some exhibit, you would be too.

But now, to cover their own asses (again, I know I know, reductive), they're demanding she TURN OVER HER THERAPY RECORDS TO PROVE SHE'S REALLY JUST UPSET BECAUSE OF HER LOSS.

I can't.

You know us women. So emotional.

And especially because it's her HUSBAND and CHILD. Ya know, what women were obviously put on this earth to nurture so when we don't have them anymore we're hysterical.

I hope she wins. I hope the court system stops treating women as if they're overly-emotional, and starts realizing that by the time we've decided it's even worth the effort to say something, we've already let far too much slide.

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