There's New Alleged Bigfoot Footage

Now I'm not exactly sure what qualifies one to be known as a Bigfoot "expert," but whatever credentials these vague authorities hold, they're supposedly very excited about the following video.

It says it all in the video:

It's too detailed to be a costume.

It's too massive to be a man.

Yada yada yada but it's 2021. There are more detailed videos of Little Caesar's Pizza on so-called "foodie" instagrams than that bullsh*t.

Until there is sustained footage more than 5 full seconds long, it's fake. We live in a world of camera phones that are almost literally attached to our hips. (I just realized saying "cameraphone" probably makes me sound old and now I'm insecure about a problem I put into my own head) If Bigfoot is real, there will be actual footage. It'll be some idiot's facebook live and honestly it'll probably be f*cking Logan Paul or something and no one will even want to recognize it because YouTubers are so almost as bad as radio people.

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