Suspected Terrorist White Supremacist Sentenced to Read a Damn Book jfc

Ben John is a UK man in hot water for downloading 70k "white supremacist documents" and "bomb-making instructions." It's kind of like buying a pregnancy test and a coat hanger: one of those things you wanna avoid in the same place.

Luckily for him, Judge Timothy Spencer allowed him to avoid jail time in favor of the alternative. In this case, reading classic literature from the likes of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Thomas Hardy.

Absolutely genius. He'll be forced out of his ignorant biases (ideally) by the power of education, and it's punitive!

Tell me having to repeat AP Lit wouldn't scare you straight.

I don't care how much you liked it in high school, it's been a while and you're rustier than you think you are. Just trust me.

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