Yoga Still Illegal In Alabama Schools Because It May Turn Kids Hindu

Life is all about balance

Life is all about balance

Look, it's April 1st and I know we can't believe anything on the internet ever (and especially today), but this one is real. I did extensive Googling (fine, I skimmed the first page of results) and it seems that yes, Alabama state legislatures are actually afraid that teaching yoga in schools would turn kids Hindu.

Which, yes, yoga does have a 4,000 year history as a part of Hindu practices, but what people do in the US is a bastardization of the real thing. (Cue hardcore American yogis being very upset with me for saying that.)

Alabama is the only state that prohibits yoga in schools, and they have since 1993. Their state house passed a repeal this year, but the senate said NOPE, with members worrying aloud that children will be brainwashed and become Hindu. (I'm paraphrasing, of course.)

Namaste to everyone except those in Alabama.