FanExpo Philly 2023: A recap of the biggest comic con this past weekend

As a self proclaimed nerd, when comic cons come around, I am the first in line to go.

Everything from the celebrity guests, the vendors, the artist, the panels, the food, and the fun call my name.

This past weekend (6/2-6/4), FanExpo Philadelphia (formerly Wizard World) made it's return to our fair city and boy was it amazing.

I had the pleasure of attending on Saturday (6/3) and it was every thing I had hoped for.

The doors opened at 10am and it was already packed. That was a great sign. After speaking with some people, they said getting there early allowed them to be in line for their favorite celebrity and also check out the rets of the con. If you are gonna make a day of it, make an entire day!

You can buy the photo ops and autographs beforehand through Epic Photos, which is highly suggested, because if you wait until day of show, they could potentially be sold out.

Some of the celebrities I got to see and meet included the cast of Back to the Future, Steve from Blue's Clues, Jodi Benson (original voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid), Grace Van Dien (Chrissy from Stranger Things), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and more.

Every single celebrity was super kind and super awesome to talk to. They absolutely love meeting the fans. If you have never met a celebrity before, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

Aside from celebrates, Artist Alley is a fabulous way to pick up some pieces done by official comic book artists and local artists as well. I picked up a print of Marty McFly that was just spectacular.

One highlight is always the cosplay. Fan dressing up as their favorite characters is always a favorite of con-goers.

Overall, this was a massive success for both FanExpo and the city of Philadelphia. No word on the actual amount of people that came through the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

FanExpo 2024 has already been announced for May 3-5. Tickets go on sale 6/5.

Check out some of the pics from Saturday and NERD ON!!

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