Dave Grohl Tries To Stop Fight By Dancing at Foo Fighters show in Las Vegas

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding musicians stopping the music at their shows when something catastrophic is happening in the crowd.

At the Foo Fighters show in Las Vegas on Saturday (12/4), Dave Grohl saw there was something fishy happening in the audience and decided to do something about it.

In a video posted to YouTube, it appears that a fight was about to happen when Dave intervened from the stage and instead of these people fighting, he stopped it with the art of dancing!

Dave said "Hey big guy, look at me. What about this sh*t right now?" as he waved his hands in the air in a circular motion.

The rest of the crowd enjoyed it and a dance party broke out, instead of a fight. It seems Dave Grohl gave the dudes some "Medicine At Midnight' to calm them down.

More HERE and below!

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