6ABC ACTION NEWS legendary anchor JIM GARDNER to retire at end of 2022

I mean, it has to happen at some point in everyone's life. Retirement. And boy, does this guy deserve it.

Channel 6 (WPVI) Action News legendary anchorman JIM GARDNER has announced he is retiring at the end of 2022.

In a social media post on Wednesday (11/10) he wrote:

Channel 6 and I have announced that I’ll anchor Action News at 11 until the end of this year, and then focus exclusively on Action News at 6 in 2022. Then at the end of 2022, I’ll turn in my earpiece, and see what life has to offer away from Channel 6. After forty-six years at this television station, I’m sure it will be a shock to the system, but as a person far wiser than I am once told me, “every event in life poses an opportunity.” I just don’t yet know what it will be.

Only tears of joy from this native Philadelphian right here. I have watched Jim on Action News my entire life and he is a staple on televisions throughout the Delaware Valley. I wish him the best of luck in life after Action News.

Oh, and fun fact: Jim Gardner was the model anchorman that Will Ferrell modeled Ron Burgundy after! Who knew?

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