Your Next Lyft Ride Could Be the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile has officially joined Lyft. 

Starting Wednesday, you'll be able to get a ride in the Weinermobile and guess what, it's free. You won't be able to find the Weinermobile when searching for a ride, it'll just show up at a random place whenever you book your ride. 

If you book a Lyft XL and are lucky enough to be picked up by the hot dog on wheels you and your crew will be treated to free t-shirts, music, neon lights, hot dog masks, and more. 

Oscar Mayer says the Weinermobile will be in cities in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and L.A. If you have Lyft you'll get an alert if the Weinermobile is rolling through your city. 

What's your wildest ride share story? How often do you use your ride share app? 

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