Green Day Funko POP!s are finally here and they absolutely rule

I was just thinking the other day how I don't think I have ever seen Green Day Funko POPs.

What do you know, a couple days later, they get released!

Just in time for the Hella Mega Tour, you can now take home your very own Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre Cool vinyl figurines.

It's the very first release in Funko's POP-a-palooza Summer event.

Kerrang says:

The Green DayPOP!s focus on the band’s iconic American Idiot era, with Billie Joe wearing his signature black shirt and red tie, with a nice thick layer of eyeliner on as he strums his guitar. Mike’s got on a vest and is clearly taking his bass duties very seriously, while the swish Tré is holding his drum sticks up in the air. Each box that the figures come in has the band’s Dookie era logo on, so it’s an awesome coming together of different chapters for all Green Day fans to enjoy.

More HERE and below!

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