Avril Lavigne Causes Nostalgia Feels With Tony Hawk Sk8er Boi Collab

Could Avril Lavigne be poised for a comeback?

Some fans think so after she made her Tik Tok debut on Monday (6/21) featuring "sk8er boi" Tony Hawk.

Avril was lip syncing to her 2002 hit on top of a skate ramp when the camera zooms into her trademark tie and zooms back out with Hawk on a skateboard doing some basic moves on the ramp.

In 2002, Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise was coming to the end of its first run with the fourth game, one year away from kicking off the beloved Underground series.

The TikTok has already been viewed nearly 11 million times. ‘I don’t think you understand how obsessed I am,’ Lauren Paley wrote. ‘Everything about this video is perfect,’ Steve Aoki commented.

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