SNL has hilarious take on Philly accents with Murdur Durdur

SNL nailed our Philly accent on the head last night (5/8) with a spectacular digital short called Murdur Durdur.

Of course is was a parody of HBO's Mare of Easttown, but I don't even care. It was hilarious.

According to Deadline:

You know you’ve made it when you’ve made it on to anSNLsketch following the show’s send up of the likes of HBO’sThe Undoing, which Chloe Fineman mocked for Nicole Kidman’s accent.

“All I know is what we don’t know,” she said of the Extremely Pennsylvania Crime Show, which the Delco Daily called “highly accurate” and “the writers clearly googled, they knew the food and the towns”.

Starring an actress with a messy ponytail that says ‘Forget I’m actually British’ and set in a constantly overcast town with a creek and three bad homes and moments of true suspense.

Elon Musk, who is hosting this evening’s show, pulled up as a supposedly killer priest alongside Gritty, the official mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers National Hockey League team and John Oliver’s regular guest.

LOL Delco Daily.

More HERE and below!

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