The Internet Is Now Trying To Cancel Sylvester Stallone

This might be a fight that Rocky can't win. The internet is trying to cancel Sylvester Stallone after he reportedly joined Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club that is located near his home in Florida.

Twitter has erupted asking for cancel culture to take effect on the actor. One user tweeted "And Sylvester Stallone outs himself as a white supremacist by supporting one", another user wrote "Sylvester Stallone paid $200,000 to show his support for a loser, insurrectionist, twice-impeached President. Knock yourself out, Rocky".

Another user had an opposing view "People are trying to cancel Sylvester Stallone because he joined a golf course near his new home. That's where we are now. Canceling people based on golf courses".

Do you think Sly will be canceled?

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