Marcus Mumford makes cameo appearance on SNL with wife Carey Mulligan

When you are married to a rock star, and one that has appeared on SNL 3 times prior to your hosting, it is only fitting to have him make a surprise cameo appearance.

Carey Mulligan was the host on Saturday Night (4/10/21) when her husband Marcus Mumford showed up during her monologue.

Deadline reports:

It was particularly exciting for Mulligan to appear on SNL, given that her husband and and his band appeared as musical guest three times in the past. Supposedly, Mumford would be watching his wife’s appearance from home. Subsequently, though, Mumford popped up in the audience, and Mulligan feigned surprise.

“What a surprise, lovely to see you,” she said. “Um, where are the kids?”

“I left them with the Sons,” deadpanned Mumford. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Ever since his first time performing on SNL, Mumford said he couldn’t get the experience out of his head, so he encouraged Mulligan to get as much as she could out of it. “I meant to ask,” he continued, “did they book a musical guest for tonight? If they end up needing anyone, I’m very happy to do it.”

He then pulled out his acoustic guitar, which he started strumming to the melody of his hit song, “Little Lion Man.”

More HERE and check out the entire monologue below!

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