Here's the very first trailer for the new Space Jam with Lebron James!

It's finally here! The brand new first trailer for the updated Space Jam starring LeBron James. It is EVERYTHING it lives up to!

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Nearly 25 years afterSpace Jampremiered in theaters, fans of the beloved basketball film are finally seeing a sequel.LeBron Jamesis producing and starring inSpace Jam: A New Legacy, which is being released in theaters and onHBO Maxthis summer. The NBA star at the center of the film is different, and so is the film's story, but the Looney Tunes are certainly going to be back in action for this newSpace Jam adventure.

Warner Bros. announced during the week that the first trailer forSpace Jam: A New Legacywould be released on Saturday morning. Well, Saturday has now arrived, and we've got the first look at footage from the upcomingSpace Jam sequel

In this newSpace Jam, LeBron James takes over as the star of the film, a role that was filled by Michael Jordan the first time around. Another big change in this sequel is the villain.Avengers: Endgame star Don Cheadle takes on the role of the antagonist, playing a character called Al G Rhythm.

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