Is Banana Peel Bacon Is A Thing? It sure is!

This news is bananas…B-AN-ANAS! 

A new breakfast food-hack is taking the Internet by storm, and it’s banana peel bacon! 

Charles Hunter III, a personal chef and food blogger, sears marinated raw banana peels in a hot pan until they are crisp and dark and imitate the meaty breakfast treat. 

The marinade is made with vegan Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, garlic, and onion powder. 

Hunter says, “It is not for everyone and I'm fully aware of that. But if by chance you live a no waste lifestyle, or you are a vegan, or vegetarian who misses the crunchy smoky goodness of a once known porky strip. This recipe is for you!” 

Would you eat banana peel bacon?

More HERE and below!

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