Hear Offspring’s ‘Let the Bad Times Roll,’ From First Album in Nine Years

The Offspring return with a new song from their first album in 9 years!

We did get a taste of "new" Offspring music over the holidays when they released a cover of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", but now we got actual NEW music!

The new album comes out on 4/16 and this is a great first taste of what to expect.

Singer "Dexter" Holland, guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman, drummer Pete Parada, and new bassist Todd Morsewrote and recorded "Let The Bad Times Roll" in the last few years at various locations, including the band's studio in Huntington Beach, California.


1. “This Is Not Utopia”

2. “Let the Bad Times Roll”

3. “Behind Your Walls”

4. “Army of One”

5. “Breaking These Bones”

6. “Coming for You”

7. “We Never Have Sex Anymore”

8. “In the Hall of the Mountain King”

9. “The Opioid Diaries”

10. “Hassan Chop”

11. “Gone Away”

12. “Lullaby”

More HERE and below!

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