See Eminem join Pete Davidson for ‘Stan’ Christmas spoof

If you didn't know it was the Holiday Season, SNL sure made it known last night.

In probably the sleeper sketch of the night, a digital short starring Jason Bateman (who hosted) as Santa and comedian Pete Davidson as "Stu" (a parodied version of the Eminem classic) brought it all.

NME describes the video:

The comedian recreates Eminem’s infamous ‘Stan’ video, which originally featured Dido and a crazed fan who writes several letters to the rapper, each one getting more and more unhinged as the track progresses.

Davidson takes on the role on Stu, who repeatedly writes to Santa Claus asking for a PlayStation 5. The clip also features cameos from Dido (played by Kate McKinnon), Elton John (Bowen Yang), and Eminem himself.

YEP! Slim Shady made an appearance!!!

More HERE and check out the clip below!

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