A Free Blockbuster Box Popped Up in Fishtown, you can give and take movies

You know those free newspaper boxes around the city? You know, where you can open it up with no change and take one?

So, in Fishtown, a similar looking box has popped up only it contains FREE videos for your viewing enjoyment! Yes, I said free!

According to Wooder Ice:

Free Blockbuster essentially turns old and unused newspaper boxes and repurposes them as mini Blockbuster to-go stands. Originally started in LA, the Free Blockbuster movement began as a way to repurpose old newspaper stands that have been abandoned and left to rot on the street. Then slowly but surely folks across the country started to join in on the fun. Local resident Kim Lettire is the person curating the Fishtown Free Blockbuster box and has started an IG page @freeblockbusterfishtown.

The local Blockbuster box is located off E. Columbia & Giard Ave.  Movie goers are encouraged to take a movie and and leave a movie. Oh, and of course be kind & rewind!

More HERE and below!

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