Foo Fighters return with a brand new episode of FRESH POTS!

I have been longing for some not only new Foo Fighters content, but a new episode of FRESH POTS!!

In the clip, Dave Grohl is your spokesman and it plays out like an advertisement for a new drug, called FRESH POTIX. (definitely a play off those CHANTIX commercials with Ray Liotta! LOL)

According to the YouTube description:

Consult your doctor before taking FRESHPOTIX. Side effects may include, but not limited to: Severe Monkey Peen Violent Fits of Rage Towards Left-Handed People Extra Toe Urge to Found Your Own Colony Bald Ass Cyrusvirus (your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley) Stomach Tail Peptic Waltzing Stool Entirely Made of Corn (Just a Cob) Oxford Commas Weeping Taint Echola Nose Chickens Uncontrollable Tattling Back Fro Plaid Lung Acid Washed Jeans Tinselscrote (Break out of Chistmas Tree Tinsel on Balls) Pauly Shore Visit for more.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy what we all have been waiting for...NEW FRESH POTS!!!

More HERE and check out the video below!

and in case you aren't familiar with FRESH POTS, check out the original below!

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