Mariah Carey Reveals Her Secret Grunge Album From 1995

I am totally shocked at this!

Pop star Mariah Carey revealed in a Tweet over the weekend that she was in a grunge band back in 1995 while recording her album "Daydream".

Now before you pass judgement, take a listen to the track below. I think she sounds JUST like a certain female grunge singer that was married to arguably the most famous grunge band front man.

Ok fine, she sounds like Courtney Love, but the song isn't half bad!

Stereogum says:

Some digging reveals that Chick did indeed release an album back in 1995 — the same year that Daydream came out — though it’s not available on streaming services. A couple of songs have been uploaded to YouTube, though, and are copyrighted to Sony/BMG Music Entertainment, part of the same umbrella company that Carey was on at the time.

One of those songs is “Demented,” and the other one is called “Malibu.” They’ve both been on YouTube since 2009 and 2012, respectively, though no one knew of the Carey connection. According to a Carey representative (via Pitchfork), Carey wrote, produced, or provided background vocals for the songs on the Chick album, directed one of their music videos, and art directed the packaging.

More HERE and below!

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