King of Prussia Mall Now Has Its Own COVID-19 Boutique

It doesn't get more 2020 than this.

If you are planning a trip to the King of Prussia mall, you'l see a new store that focuses on our current pandemic, COVID-19.

According to Philadelphia Magazine:

The new boutique sells "designer" masks and a keychain that'll open doors for you. But the owner says that the sooner he's out of business, the better.

The new COVID-19 boutique — it’s officially called COVID-19, Inc. — is right by Sephora, in case that means anything at all to you. The COVID-19 store is a pretty tiny space, and as you walk through the door, a device displays your body temperature.

Their main products are masks but they also sell a slew of other related items for keeping you safe.

This COVID store is one of three such stores in the region, the other two COVID-19, Inc. stores being located in New Jersey.

More HERE and below!

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