'Wawa Drive-Thru' to begin construction in Bucks County next month

As a lifelong Philadelphian, seeing more and more Wawa's is ok with me.

I love me some chicken salad hoagies and lemonade iced tea. I grew up with Wawa and it grew up with me.

To my delight, I see that construction will begin next month in Bucks County on a DRIVE THRU Wawa.

A DRIVE THRU WAWA?? This has just become the greatest news I have heard all week, if not all Summer.

Too many times I have my dog in the car and can't run into a store to get my delicious hoagie, drink, and soft pretzel. Not to mention, a hot chocolate on a cold day.

The idea of a drive thru Wawa will make me drive up to the intersection of West Trenton Road and Pine Grove Road in Falls Township.

Wawa is targeting a grand opening of the 1,850 square foot space sometime in December.

Count me in!

More HERE and below!

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