Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie Tells Trump to Stop Playing Their Music

Just the other day, the estate of Tom Petty sent a C&D to President Trump asking him to stop using the late rocker's music at his rallies.

Now Brenden Urie, frontman for Panic! At The Disco, is the next superstar to tell Trump to stop playing their music.

In a tweet, Urie used some colorful language and got right to the point.

According to TMZ:

Brendon went off on the Prez and his campaign after one of his most famous tracks -- the 2018 hit "High Hopes" -- was used at Trump's campaign rally Tuesday in Phoenix. Brendon quickly took to Twitter to unleash on the campaign before lashing out at Trump personally ... labeling him a "monster" who "represents nothing we stand for."

More HERE and check out the uncensored tweet HERE

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