Post Malone to Host Nirvana Cover Concert from Home for COVID-19 Relief

Post Malone wanted to honor Kurt Cobain this month, which marks the 26th anniversary of his death. In the same breath, he also wants to help out in the COVID-19 fight.

According to TMZ:

Malone put up a somewhat cryptic video Wednesday (4/22), showing himself sitting on a stool onstage, with an acoustic guitar in hand ... while an unseen crowd cheers in the background. It's very reminiscent of Kurt's famous ''MTV: Unplugged'' show from 1994..

After the footage plays, a title card reading "Post Malone Nirvana Tribute Livestream" flashes on the screen teasing a Friday YouTube special.

Not a bad way to end the week!

More HERE and check out the Tweet below PLUS Posty covering "All Apologies" below!

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