Twenty One Pilots Fan Recreates "Fall Away" as Retro Game Boy Song

Feeling retro-y? Feeling 8-bit-y?

Anytime I see anything related to the Game Boy, my ears perk up and this recreation of an 11 year old to sound like it came from a hand held gaming device in the 90s is fantastic!

Alt press reports:

"One awesome fan decided to turn “Fall Away” from twenty one pilots’ 11-year old self-titled debut into something that sounds closer to 25 years old. 

The reimagined track sends us straight back to the late 1990s, complete with ice-cold cans of surge and a pantry full ofDunkaroos

We’re sitting on the living room floor trying desperately to get the Silph Scope from Team Rocket while Kenan & Kel plays softly in the background. "


More HERE and check out the video below!

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