John Oliver Wants to Save the Phillie Phanatic if he becomes a Free Agent

By now, we all know the story of the "new" Phillie Phanatic that was unveiled last weekend.

It not only got mixed reaction from Phillies fans, but across the country people were in shock that the beloved mascot would get such a makeover due to a copyright lawsuit. A lawsuit that could potentially make the Phanatic a "free agent". Could the 40 year old mascot ACTUALLY go to another team? Or even city? How crazy would that be?

On this weekend's (3/1/20) edition of the HBO comedy series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver offered the Phanatic to join the ranks of his other mascots that he has had on the show over the years should the Phillies not keep him.

Now, I'm sure that won't happen, but it is a pretty funny segment. #RespectTheConicalHonker


More HERE and check out the videos below!

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