The New Strokes Album Is Finished!!

We knew we'd get the news soon, but it looks like The Strokes new album is finished and should be coming our way shortly!

The band had already announced they'd be playing a New Year's Eve show in Brooklyn, cause everyone to believe that there would be a new album soon, and now guitarist Nick Valensi pretty much confirmed it!

Valensi sat down for an interview with iHeart station Q104.3 when the DJ caught him off guard by mentioning hearing that the album was finished and that the band was mixing it.

His response? “Wow you heard that? Well, it must be true.”

He was then asked if he would share when or if album will see a release and he said “When, I don’t know. If — I would say, it’s a strong likelihood.”

So it's sounding pretty good that we will have something new sooner or later, right??

Take a look:

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