Weezer/Green Day/Fall Out Boy Tour?!?

If the rumors are true (which they definitely appear to be) a bunch of our dreams are about to come true!!

How so?? With an upcoming tour of EPIC proportions! Yes, we're talking Weezer, Green Day, AND Fall Out Boy touring together for what is being called the Hella Mega Tour!!

So, what's going on? Well, GreenDayFans.com has the whole scoop for us! first there's a weird Instagram post from The Office actor Rainn Wilson which includes a comment from Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong who tagged Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and the words Hella Mega!

Then fans found a website called HellaMegaTour.com which has a picture of...wait for it...Rainn Wilson.

At the same time as this, fans have been reporting being handed flyers the with the three band's names and..."Hella Mega."

Still not so sure? Fans have also reported receiving packages in the mail containing tee-shirts with mixed up band photos and and band logos!!

Guys...I'm thinking this is not a drill. Apparently we will get all the details come Tuesday...but prepare yourselves because it looks like Hella Mega Tour is a thing!

Take a look:

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