James Dewees Says My Chemical Romance "Working On Something"

Will someone please tell us what's ACTUALLY going on with My Chemical Romance right now? These reunion rumors just will not let up!

In trying to find out what's actually going on, why not just go to the source in former member James Dewees, right? Dewees is currently on tour with Frank Iero (also from My Chem) and his new band. Fans are now reporting that at shows on said tour Dewees keeps bringing up MCR even to go as far as to say that they're "working on something!"

Yup...according to a thread on Reddit, James was talking all about the band on stage but they couldn't tell if he was joking or serious.

“When he was opening for the Future Violents tonight he said he was in ‘Death Spells and Leathermouth and another band’ with Frank and sort of trailed off/whispered that they ‘might be working on something’ (neither of those are actual quotes, just as close as I can remember)

It probably doesn’t mean anything, especially since he seems to joke around a lot during his sets, but I thought it might be worth some baseless speculation :)”

I mean...why mess with people like that especially with the rumors running so rampant? I've seen this guy with his band Reggie And The Full Effect in the past, though, and he's definitely a jokester onstage. I just have a hard time wondering why he'd mess with people so much in this way! Apparently it's not the only show on tour in which he's brought this up too!

Can't we just get a definitive answer on what's happening??

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