Amy Cowperthwait: CEO - Avkin

Avkin was started by a Amy Cowperthwait, a nurse simulationist at the University of Delaware who saw the need for a better way to educate her students. She went to the engineering department with an idea to develop a wearable tracheostomy prototype.

After other companies would not license the technology, Avkin submitted a poster at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) winning first prize for innovation and technology at the conference. It was then the team decided to start their own company designing and manufacturing wearable simulators. These simulators allow the learner to be fully immersed in simulation, practicing challenging conversations as well as the necessary healthcare skill.

Avkin has grown exponentially over the years, expanding product lines beyond wearable simulators and into standardized patient methodology and consulting.

Avkin founder and CEO Amy Cowperthwait continues to be recognized as a leader and innovator in healthcare simulation and education. Most recently, she was recognized with the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator – Advanced (CHSE-A) designation, one of just 83 professionals in the world to achieve such an honor.

Cowperthwait also was recognized at the University of Delaware’s inaugural WE Hatch Honor Circle. Honorees chosen are women who inspired others with ingenuity, passion, innovation, and persistence.

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