Amber's Pet Project: Lilo

Wouldya look at that smile?! Lilo is a sweet 6.5 year old medium sized mixed breed pup, and she's waiting to find her perfect forever home. Maybe that's your home?

Dubbed as "the absolute best girl" by our friends at Morris Animal Refuge, Lilo has the patience of a saint! When the refuge struggled to get her harness on her recently to take her out for a walk, she stood there wiggling in anticipation, panting, and smiling the whole time. She's very easygoing and incredibly friendly and would be the perfect companion for a household who has plenty of time to rub her head and scratch her back and take her wandering through the park!

Lilo's adopton fee is currently sponsored (which means it's waived/zero cost to adopter) making it even smoother to be able to get her in the right home! (More money for treats and toys to spoil her with!)

Find out more about adopting Lilo from Morris Animal Refuge

Founded in 1874, the Morris Animal Refuge is America’s First Animal Shelter. They are committed to adoption, education and high-quality care, and as an open admission shelter, we have never turned an animal away. If you're not in the position to adopt but would like to help, please consider making a donation to support their work. Donate to Morris Animal Refuge HERE

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