Amber's Pet Project: Sirius

Meet Sirius! Sirius is 6 year old, 15 pound domestic shorthair black male cat. Our friends at Morris Animal Refuge tell us that he is the FRIENDLIEST cat you'll ever meet. And it's appropriate that he's a black cat, because he'll be like your little shadow, wanting to be near you and ready for cuddles at all times. He's an overall fearless, friendly and cuddly guy - a perfection addition to your family.

Philly, let's spread the word and find this guy his perfect forever home.

Find out more about adopting Sirius HERE on his official Morris Animal Refuge profile.

Founded in 1874, the Morris Animal Refuge is America’s First Animal Shelter. They are committed to adoption, education and high-quality care, and as an open admission shelter, we have never turned an animal away. If you're not in the position to adopt but would like to help, please consider making a donation to support their work. Donate to Morris Animal Refuge HERE.

Sirius chilling out

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