Tenacious D covers 'Time Warp' with a TON of special guests

Just in time for Halloween (and the election next week), Tenacious D has released a star-studded cover of "Time Warp' - the theme song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jack Black is at peak Jack Black energy for this! There are costumes and makeup and dancing and a ton of musical and political special guests including: Susan Sarandon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Phoebe Bridgers, Karen O, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Sarah Silverman, Peaches, King Princess, Ezra Miller, and more!

A press release says: “For The D, there’s a particular message in putting their hands on their hips – the importance of jumping to the left, and NOT stepping to the right, when it comes to rocking the vote on November 3rd.” All proceeds from the cover benefit Rock The Vote.

It's a ton of fun - watch Tenacious D's take on "Time Warp" below.