LISTEN: My Mike Shinoda Interview

Mike Shinoda is prepping to release his solo album Post Traumatic on June 15th, a 16 song album created in the days, weeks, and months following the unexpected and tragic loss of his band mate and friend Chester Bennington.

Our conversation was honest and heavy -  he told me about how "in the beginning I felt like I didn't even want to leave my house"  and "not knowing what to do with anything" to eventually sharing and engaging with fans on social media and putting together this album.  

He didn't have that vision or goal of an album when he started making this music, he told me "when I first started, I was just making stuff just to get it out of my system."  He threw himself into his art,  and figured the rest out later.

We ended on a light, and funny, note -  one of the best April Fool's Day pranks of 2018 - that he was directly a part of.

Press play to hear our conversation, in full, below.  My thanks to Mike Shinoda.

Post Traumatic is available for pre-order now via his official website.