5 songs to listen to on International Day of Happiness today

Today, March 20th, is officially International Day of Happiness.  I buy into it, I'm an optimist,  and yeah, I'm all about this year's theme:  Share Happiness.  And nothing makes me quite as happy as music  - so I wanted to share my picks for 5 "happy" songs to celebrate the day.  And yep, please, send me your "happy" songs, too.  Doesn't necessarily have to stick to the theme of happy in the title/lyrics...but these 5 just so happen to, starting with the newest song of the bunch: 

Blue October's "I Hope Your Happy"

From the newest song to the oldest,  a throwback to pure, sugary, unadulterated happy, R.E.M. style: 

This might be one you haven't heard before, from electronics wizard Robert Delong (who will be releasing a new album later this year, yay!)

Luke Pritchard  singing "I wanna make you happpppppyyyy" is the pretty much the sweetest darn thing on the planet. VERY excited to see The Kooks back in Philly on May 26th.  I will be singing along at the top of my lungs like a happy fool.

And to round out the list, I thought about throwing in Nine Inch Nails "Happiness In Slavery," because they're one of my favorite bands....but I thought mayyyyybe it strayed a little too far off subject for today, so instead I present NYC art-rockers TV On The Radio with "Happy Idiot"

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