A new Chvrches song will feature Matt Berninger (The National)

Welp, somebody messed up big time....for a minute this weekend, a new song from (Birthday Celebration Day 1 band) CHVRCHES' new album was put up on the internet,  and of course fans grabbed evidence and are chattering up a storm about it.  The song appears to be called "My Enemy" and features their musical friend/collaborator Matt Berninger from The National.    Matt is in the video for CHVRCHES latest (officially released) single "Get Out," and Lauren Mayberry has performed live with The National in the past, too.

Check out the reddit thread on the leak here, and check out a screenshot what appears to be the song in question on Spotify (captured by twitter user @xZombieAlix) below.

Now the question is, when will the rest of us get to hear it?