Jason Kelce will be in Sunday's Mummers Parade in Manayunk

This is too perfect.  Jason Kelce - hero of the Eagles parade & celebration - will be taking part in this weekend's Mummers Mardi Gras Parade in Manayunk.   He'll be marching as part of Avalon string band (the band that lent him the infamous costume for the Eagles parade) and playing the baritone sax during the parade.  He's reportedly a full-fledged dues-paying member.  

He'll be easy to spot too, because he'll be wearing the costume from the Eagles parade, and not the one the rest of the group will be sporting (it was too quick to come up with one to fit him in time).  

The parade starts at 1pm and each band makes 4-5 stops along the route down Main Street.
See you out there?  

via Philly.com