The National's Matt Berninger creating & starring in TV show about himself

When The National's 'Mistaken For Strangers' movie/documentary came out, I threw a viewing party at my house for my friends.  I'm what you'd call a super fan ; they're my all time favorite band, and I'm allllllll kinds of excited about this news:

Matt Berninger,  front man extraordinaire, is in the process of creating a TV show about his life that he will also star in.  His brother Tom (the filmmaker behind 'Mistaken For Strangers') his wife, and Aaron Dessner from the band are also part of the project.  Matt explained "I play myself and my brother plays my brother—Tom plays Tom, and Tom can't play anybody else—but then the rest of it’s all cast. And I’m in a band. Actually, Aaron helped cast the band with all the guys that were working on the Grateful Dead project together, and so it’s a bunch of guys from different bands that we’ve known and been friends with for a long time who play the band. And Aaron Dessner kind of is in it as a producer, sort of as himself but not really."

He said it won't be something coming out this year,  but definitely something to look forward to, hopefully in 2019?!

via Pitchfork

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