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Studio Session Interview: Walk The Moon

It was Sunday Funday with Walk The Moon in our performance theater!  

They had just  performed at our inaugural ALTer Ego festival in Los Angeles, and then hopped on a plane for a return Studio Session visit & sold out show at The Fillmore.   It was an extra special day as we were celebrating the new #1 alternative song in the country "One Foot" riiiight alongside them.

We got caught up and talked about:

- our mutual love for Winter Jawn headliners Dashboard Confessional (Eli had a bit of a fanboy moment backstage at ALTer Ego when he ran into them)

- how face painting is a definitive part of who they are as a band

- David Bowie and how his approach to making music was on their minds in the process of making the new album "What If Nothing"

- their proud Ohio roots

-the first time they played Philly (at a venue that was more like a hallway than a venue)

and more!

Check out the full interview below, plus a video clip  of their performance of "Shut Up And Dance"

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