Jack Antonoff Reveals Taylor Swift's Secret to Selling Over 1M Albums

Jack Antonoff was in Philly for a Radio 104.5 acoustic Studio Session and interview yesterday, 11.16.17, ahead of a show with his band Bleachers at The Fillmore Philadelphia.  During the interview Jack revealed the secret behind Taylor Swift selling over a million copies of her new album in less than a week. 

He worked with Taylor Swift in a producing/co-writing capacity on her massively successful new album Redemption. After just a week it’s already THE biggest selling album in the country of the entire year.  But why? How? He said, “She has a lot of fans.”  Not just because she’s “famous”, but because her fans are TRUE fans.  “A lot of people think that fame,  or press, or everyone knowing your name can sell you a lot of records or movies or whatever it is, but it’s not true.   Everyone knows a lot of people, but, when they put out an album, no one cares.  What’s always exciting to me about her is,  she has a ton of fans that like to listen to ALL her music and will buy her music.”  He continued, “That culture is amazing.”

He equates her die-hard fans to those of the Grateful Dead , and when he was growing up, Green Day, “I’d buy anything they put out.“  He makes it sound SO simple, right?!  Listen to his full insight below starting at the 10:00 minute mark.

(note:  due to legal considerations, the live song performances have been edited out of the below session)

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