We're all getting 280 characters on Twitter...very soon

DOUBLE the characters!  Are you ready?  Sounds like we're all going to be upgraded(?) to 280 characters on Twitter, and soon....according to The Daily Beast:

"Twitter will expand its character limit to 280 characters for all users in “coming days,” Politico reported on Tuesday. The social-media website had originally doled out the expanded limit—up from 140 characters—to only a select few, random users. Per Politico: “D.C. is beginning to buzz about it, as political operatives have caught wind of the change.” President Trump’s already long-winded and rant-filled Twitter feed is about to become even more verbose. “We have nothing new to share at this time about our 280 character limit test. We are continuing to watch, learn, and observe how this test impacts the service,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Beast."

Are you happy about the change, or do you think it's borderline sacrilegious?

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