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SET LIST: Gorillaz @ Festival Pier

Well, after the evacuation, the rain/weather delay and waiting in a line that felt 7 years long...Gorillaz did eventually take the stage last night at Festival Pier to play in Philly for the first time in 7 years, and it was GLORIOUS.  

The band was huge,  I didn't get an exact count, but there were at least a dozen people on stage -  the visuals were fantastic, and the set was fun from start to finish.  Feel Good, Inc was a notable omission from the performance last night, but it didn't matter.  Check out the full setlist from the show, below.  Hope it's not another 7 years before they come back.

M1 A1

Intro: I Switched My Robot Off


Last Living Souls

Saturnz Barz

Rhinestone Eyes

Sleeping Powder


Busted and Blue

El Mañana


Interlude: Elevator Going Up


Sex Murder Party

Out of Body


We Got the Power



Kids With Guns

Clint Eastwood

Don't Get Lost in Heaven

Demon Days


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