INTERVIEW: The Revivalists Backstage at #1045BlockParty

I had the chance to talk to The Revivalists David Shaw and Michael Girardot before they took the stage at the first installment of the Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party series.

Their album “Men Amongst Mountains” is a couple years old - and yes, they are working on new music.  David Shaw said “We're on the track for about 15 songs in the bag right now.

The band moved down to New Orleans and claimed that a lot of their sound comes from learning from New Orleans musicians, giving them the unique style that they have. David mentioned it was truly a stroke of luck that they all landed in New Orleans.

When asked about his first memory of music, Michael Girardot mentioned how he stole his parents' Beatles' 1 CD, and played it until it didn't work anymore. "Apparently, you CAN wear out a CD."

With the band's 10th anniversary coming up in August, there's no crazy celebration planned, but we're glad that we could help them celebrate at the block party this past weekend!

Check out the full conversation below!