INTERVIEW: Matt Bellamy from Muse on "Dig Down"

"We're living in unusual times at the almost wanted to write a song that's quite sort of optimistic in its message" - Matt Bellamy

And just like that,  Muse is BACK!  with a new song "Dig Down" 

They're doing things a little bit differently this song at a time....not the first song from a new album,  just, hey, we were inspired, so here's new song for you.  And according to Matt Bellamy, there's going to be more where that came from. "Dig Down" is co-produced by Mike Elizando, known for his work with Eminem, Dr. Dre and twenty one pilots.

Along with the new song there's also a new 80's sci-fi inspired video.  Matt Bellmay says it's influenced by films like Robocop, Running Man and Aliens.  Wondering what else might be in store, and what to expect from their performance at Firefly next month?

Dig in with "Dig Down" and our full conversation,  below.

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